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dbts™ has been established its name as one of the world leading and Innovative busduct / Bus bar / Busway / BTS manufacturers with most innovative designs and continues R&D and improvements to suit the current world trend and customers’ demand.

Our knowledge, experience, products quality and after sales services has leading us to a wide spectrum of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy sector, Power Plant, Process industrial sector, Airport, Water treatment plant, Railway Station, University/Colleges, Commercial high-rise Hotel, Residential, Offices, Mix development & many more.

With our further investment for the advance in-house testing equipment, R&D, quality control process and our unique thermoset blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation, currently we are the ONLY ONE CAST RESIN busduct manufacturer in Malaysia to produce IP68 Low voltage (Busway CR™ - LV) & Medium Voltage (Busway CR™ - MV) Cast-Resin Busduct System, which is highly recommended for outdoor, water immersed, oil & gas (onshore & offshore), petrochemical environment for high quality demand industry for local and international market.

Fire resistant rated busduct are also available for essential electrical services. These busduct feeder are designed and manufactured to comply with IEC331 & BS 6387 tandard.
Circuit Integrity under fire conditions
Resistance to Fire Alone
    • IEC331 : 3 hours at 750°C
    • BS 6387 Category ‘C’ : 3 hours at 950°C
Resistance to Fire with Water
    • BS 6387 Category ‘W’ : 15 mins at 650°C (plus 15 mins with water spray)
Resistance to Fire with Mechanical shock
    • BS 6387 Category ‘Z’ : 15 mins at 950°C

As “Total Integrated Power Distribution Solution” provider, we are not only producing our wide range of busduct system below, yet we also provide our overall power distribution solution consultancy and busbar repair service either to your existing or new project, we always act as your strategic project partners anytime every time.

Low Voltage (LV) busduct system

- Bright track™, 690V AC (40A up to 63A)
- Ezyfast, 1000V AC (100A up to 250A)
- Megatron™ Compact, 1000V AC (300A up to 600A)
- Megatron™ Sandwich, 1000V AC (630A up to
- Busway CR™ - LV, 1000V AC (630A up to 6300A)

Medium Voltage (MV) busduct system

- Busway CR™ - MV, 3.6KV (400A up to 4000A)
- Busway CR™ - MV, 7.2KV (400A up to 4000A)
- Busway CR™ - MV, 12KV (400A up to 4000A)
- Busway CR™ - MV, 24KV (400A up to 4000A)
- Busway CR™ - MV, 36KV (400A up to 4000A)

DC busduct system

- Ezyfast - DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 250A)
- Megatron™ - DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to
- Busway CR™ - DC type, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A
  up to 20,000A)


To be a World Class recognized busway / busduct systems specialist.


To provide complete energy distribution solution to electrical industries by producing high quality internationally recognized standard and maintenance free BTS at the lowest possible cost using state-of-art technologies.


Our Bus bar Trunking Systems / BTS are designed and manufactured as below standards.

IEC 60439/61439-1 Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.   IK 62262/IK 09 IK code and impact energy/resistance
IEC 60439/61439-2 Particular requirement for busway   JIS H3140 Copper Bus Bars
IEC 60529 Degree of protection (up to IP68)   JIS C8364 Busway / Busduct standard
IEC 60947-2 1995 Circuit breakers   IEC 62271-200 Medium voltage busduct - AC metal-clad type
IEC 60331 Resistance to fire (3 hours at 750°C)   IEC 60694 Common specification for HV switchgear & control gear
IEC 60332 Flame retardant   IEC 60270 HV test techniques on Partial discharge measurements
BS 6387 Resistance to fire (3 hours at 950°C)   IEE/IEEE Wiring regulation
BSEN 60439-2: 2000; BS 5486-2:1990; AS 439-2-2002; UL-857; ANSI, NEMA BU1 Seismie protection (earthquake protection standard)

Certified, accredited and approved by :-