DBTS™ has established its name as one of the world's leading Busduct / Busbar / Busway / Busduct Trunking System manufacturers with our Innovative Designs, continuous Research & Development, while constantly adapting to cater to Worldwide Customers demand.

Our knowledge, experience, expertise, product quality and after-sales services has enabled us to outreach to a wide spectrum of sectors, both Local and International Markets, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy, Power Plants, Data Centres, Manufacturing Industries, Airports, Water Treatment Plants, Railway Stations, Universities/Colleges, Hotels, Residential, Offices, Mix Developments & many more.

With our advancements in R&D, Manufacturing Processes, and Quality Control, DBTS has perfected our unique thermoset blu-E-Coat epoxy insulation and Cast Resin CR epoxy resin. We are the ONLY Manufacturer in Malaysia to produce IP68 rated Low Voltage Busway CR - LV) and Medium Voltage (Busway CR - MV) Cast Resin Busduct Trunking Systems. Highly recommended for All Outdoor Environments, Water-immersion, Oil & Gas (Offshore and Onshore), Chemical, and all Highly Demanding Industrial Applications.


To be a World Class recognized busway / busduct systems specialist.


To provide complete energy distribution solution to electrical industries by producing high quality internationally recognized standard and maintenance free BTS at the lowest possible cost using state-of-art technologies.


Our Bus bar Trunking Systems / BTS are designed and manufactured as below standards.


Fire Resistivity
Fire resistant rated busduct are also available for essential electrical services. These busduct feeder are designed and manufactured to comply with IEC331 & BS 6387 standard.

Circuit Integrity under fire conditions
Resistance to Fire Alone

IEC331 : 3 hours at 750°C

BS 6387 Category 'C'™ : 3 hours at 950°C

Resistance to Fire with Water
BS 6387 Category ™ : 15 mins at 650°C (plus 15 mins with water spray)

Resistance to Fire with Mechanical shock
BS 6387 Category 'Z'™ : 15 mins at 950°C


Site Measurement
Shop drawings & As-build drawings

Low Voltage Busduct

MEGATRON Compact type is a three-phase, plug-in type busduct. It plays an important role mainly as an electrical risers with ampere ratings between 100A to 800A. Our maintenance free system is achieved with our thermoset blu-E-Coat epoxy insulation......

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MEDIUM Voltage Busduct

Busway CR - MV is a Medium Voltage Cast Resin Busbar Trunking Systems, its consist of different phases of busbars arranged orderly in systematic geometry. Each busbar is pre-coated with high dielectric strength and high tracking resistant thixotropic blu-E-Coat epoxy insulation material......

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DC Bus Bars System

DC busbars system mainly function to take care of DC distribution when AC current is not used, such as in Rectifiers, Capacitors etc. Our DC busbarssystem come with metal-clad housing & cast resin housing. (Busway CR - DC)......

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Bright track & Ezyfast

Bright Track consists of a series of fully enclosed single or three phase busbar module units. It's available in selection of standard lengths. Each length has a plug point at regular intervals to allow for tap-off unit connection......

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