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DC bus bars systems

  DC bus bars system mainly is to taking care the DC distribution for those AC current are not been used, our DC busbars system come together with metal-clad housing & cast resin type (Busway CR™ – DC).
  Model : Ezyfast - DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 250A)
    : Megatron™ - DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 20,000A)
    : Busway CR™ - DC type, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 20,000A)
  Voltage : 6V up to 1000V DC
  Ampere range : 100A up to > 20,000A
  Ingress protection : IP40 up to IP68
  Insulation : Thermoset blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation / Mylar / Air insulated
  Enclosure : Metal enclosure / Cast resin
  Conductor : Copper, Composition: 99.98% with Conductivity > 98% IACS
    : Aluminium, Composition: 99.98% with Conductivity > 61% IACS
  Design Standards : Design as per requirement.
  Usage : Indoor, Outdoor and Water immersed - Riser busduct and Distribution busduct for Data Centres, Marine Vessels, Anodizing
      plants, Solar farms, Wind farms.
  Mounting : Vertical mounted / horizontal ceiling or root top suspension mounted