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Medium Voltage (MV) busduct system

  Busway CR™ - MV busduct system is a Medium Voltage Cast Resin Busbar Trunking Systems, its consist of different phases of busbars arranged in an orderly and in systematic geometry. Each busbar is pre-coated with high dielectric strength and high tracking resistant thixotropic blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation material under pre-heat conditions. The set of busbars are either supported by high impact fire resistant cast resin supports in rigid metal enclosure or encapsulated completely in Cast Resin insulation material meeting the specifications of different system voltages and BIL.
  Model : Busway CR™ - MV
  Voltage : 3.6KV; 7.2KV; 12KV; 24KV up to 36KV
  Ampere range : 400A up to 4000A
  Ingress protection : IP68
  Insulation : Thermoset blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation
  Enclosure : Metal enclosure inherent safety protection
  Type of configuration : Phase busbar: 3 phases (R, Y, B / L1, L2, L3) + Earth busbar: 25% / 50% / 100% Earth busbar
  Conductor : Copper, Composition: 99.98% with Conductivity > 98% IACS
  Design & compliance Standards : IEC 62271-200 (AC metal-clad type); IEC 60694; IEC 60270; IEC 60529, IEC 60331; IEC 60332
  Usage : Indoor, Outdoor - Riser busduct and Distribution busduct for Power Plant and Sub-stations, Transformer-Switchgear
      connection, Panel-Panel connection & etc.
  Mounting : Horizontal ceiling suspension mounted and ground metal stanchion mounted