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  DBTS always enforce on quality and technical know-how in our business and products. Educating and training is part of our duty to share our knowledge with our client, customer & agents to have the products knowledge either within DBTS’s facility or at any site office around the region.  
  We offer the below trainings:-  
  • Busduct unloading & storage
  • Busduct installation
  • Busduct testing & commissioning
  • Overall hands-on busduct handling (in-house only)

Site measurement

  To avoid mismatch in bill of quantity / materials take off during tender stage, upon request and confirmation in commercial term, site measurement is part of our service to client, it’s to ensure the site condition & tender stage routing are suitable and safe to proceed with the actual quantity.  

Shop drawings & As-build drawings

  Upon site measurement & confirmation of site condition, we will start to proceed with the busduct routing drawings, details dimension & isometric drawings as shop drawings for client approval and production. Upon completion of the project & busduct installation, as-build drawings will be provided as final drawings to client to combined with others equipment / materials as part of the project Operation and Maintenance manual (O&M manual).  

Site inspection & supervision

  Upon request and confirmation in commercial term, our site inspection & supervision team will go to site for busduct installation, testing and commissioning supervision, it’s to ensure all the process of installation & testing are conducted correctly to avoid unnecessary incident / product warranty issue due to mishandling during installation and final check before energize.  

Busduct design & engineering calculation consultancy

  Upon request and confirmation in commercial term, we will provide our professional and independent expertise to provide the busduct routing design, engineering calculations. i.e. voltage drop, fault level, temperature rise, short circuit & etc. to ensure that the technical part has been well taking care before a project start.  

Busbar modification, repair & any busduct related works

  The most challenging part for busduct system is to modify & repair others existing busduct, with our technical know-how and with our pass experience we are able to provide the existing busduct heat scanning analysis, modification, touch up, repair & make goods of the existing busduct system.